How we explore the world (babies and toddlers)

We've had a real treat this afternoon, as three special visitors joined the Tigers and Bears; Beth, Oona and Ottie.  As part of our topic 'Super me', we've been discovering how babies and toddlers use their senses to learn about the world around them. The children observed, asked questions and investigated to find out the differences and similarities between themselves and younger children. After some discussions, we then spilt off into three groups for further learning.  Activity 1: learning about the human life cycle  Activity 2: spending time with Ottie, the three-week-old baby, asking her Mum (Beth) questions about newborn babies.  Activity 3: playing with Oona, the 19-month toddler, observing how she explores and learns about the world. 

World Science Day

  World Science Day Our Infants had a fantastic afternoon packed full of Science investigations to celebrate World Science Day on Thursday. Our topic, 'Super Me', focuses on biology and all of our investigations today helped us to learn more about our bodies. Our Investigations: Why do we get dizzy? We talked about the science of roundabouts. There are two parts – one about the feeling you get of being “pushed out” (which is why you hold on so tightly) and the second is about why you feel dizzy! We talked about the 'centrifugal force' that is felt because the roundabout is constantly changing direction. Mrs Chapman demonstrated this by whizzing a bucket of water round and round, going upside down above her head (and NOT getting wet!!).   We then learnt how our ear affects why we get dizzy after experiencing this. We learnt that w e have some liquid, bones and fine hairs in the ear that pick up any movement and changes of direction. They send this information back to our

This week

Wow! What a week! Here's a quick round up of some of the things we've been doing. Forest schools We had a great time in Forests schools, playing 'Capture the Flag', then learning how to use tools safely to whittle sticks. Some of the children hadn't used the sheath knives and peelers before but I was really impressed with how well they listened and followed instructions.                    Our class assembly The Bears really blew me away! It was brilliant to see the children get up and give it a go. Not only did the Year 1 children read beautifully, everyone stood up and performed in front of a room full of adults and children- not an easy thing to do. Well done Bears, you're all super stars! Smoothies The Bears decided to make healthy refreshments for the adults came to watch. They chopped and prepared the fruit, added juice and whizzed away. Thank you for donating, we will be deciding which charity we feel would be best to support those less fortunate than our